Podcast #6 5 month–5 year unique decision making process

5 month–5 year unique decision making process …

In this sixth episode of the Home Design Professionals and Cabinet Specialists Podcast, the concept of the 5 month–5 year unique decision making process  is discussed at length. This process really opens your eyes as to where abouts in the decsion making process a design professional really sits.


You will learn why consumers are wanting to pay Walmart prices for Nordstrom customers and how you can deal with this type of customer. You will also learn how to make sure that the customers who will pay good prices keep coming back for more.



  • Why your services are a commodity to be valued
  • How long a customer has really been investigating the purchase of a new design component
  • Why the 5 month–5 year unique decision making process is an extremely important tool in your marketing arsenal
  • How to break down the design process to a bite size piece that the client is comfortable with
  • Why designers that have figured out the 5 month–5 year unique decision making process have prospered immensely

Big Takeaway :

It is also not uncommon for a designer to work with somebody, maybe they do a conceptual design and they do some design and they just disappear for a year and then out of nowhere they resurface and they’re ready to buy now. That really happens a lot. It also explains why they work with the client for a year, and then when they’re ready to do the project after  receiving a deposit check for the cabinet fee, designer fee everything and are ready to go and on the 11th hour, they would lose the job to another supplier or another manufacturer because for whatever reason, even though they’d been planning and planning they lost trust in the process or the designer.


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