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Jim Gurule

I have been in the design and cabinet business my entire professional life . The last few years have been very brutal on me and my business.  While I considered getting out, I began to look around for a different way to make a living.

Jim Gurule- The Six Senses MethodI have lots of experience in all phases of the business.  I started out as an apprentice cabinet maker.  I was actually making and installing cabinets all day while attending jr. college classes at night .  But I have always been rather ambitious.  I obtained by State of California cabinet making and millwork contractor’s license & purchased my 1st home before I turned 21 yrs old.

From there I moved into cabinet showroom design & sales, then to a regional sales manager position for a chain of 28 store home centers.

It did not take long for me to realize I wanted to have my own business, so I opened my own sales rep agency.  I have worked in every phase of the business and have learned more and more about the industry with each and every step along the way.

There is some part of me which is always looking for ways to improve things.  When I see ways that things could be done better, I take action.  My experience in building and installing cabinets has lead me to develop four products on which I am the sole inventor of three U.S. Patents all related to the cabinet industry, one of my cabinet installation clamps is sold nationally and is in over 300 Home Depot Stores. I share this with you to illustrate my passion for constantly looking for new and better ways to accomplish any task.  This passion to seek out new and better ways to do things, to solve problems is what lead me to create the Six Senese Method.



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