Podcast #5- Establish your Value as a Design Professional

Establish your Value as a Design Professional…

In this fifth episode of the Home Design Professionals and Cabinet Specialists Podcast, we talk about how, as a designer, you really need to look at the value you place upon your skills and the value that others see in you.

You will learn why there is a great need to re assess the value that you place on yourself and how to establish your value as a Design Professional.

  • Why the worst thing you could do is use terms that dont correlate to your service.
  • How to re-establish the value of your services
  • The power of a third party story
  • How important it is to stop looking outside your past job files

Big Takeaway :

I have seen some absolute spectacular designers that have a line out the  door, a waiting room of qualified customers that value what they do, willing to wait for them and their services that allows them to charge , sometimes two or three times this much for services and make more money with less effort.A good designer can really position herself in the market place,  and that’s why she charges three times as much as other designers because she’s establish value compared to what their alternative isWhen you Establish your Value as a Design Professional based on that orange apron at Home Depot, then that  kitchen specialist has zero value in the market.


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