Podcast #2 Mass vs Connectors in Professional Design Space

Mass vs Connectors in Professional design space…

In this second episode of the Home Design Professionals and Cabinet Specialists Podcast, we discuss how technology has created a completely new paradigm and allows you to connect in ways only available previously to large corporations. There is a huge opportunity for design professionals due to the shift from high end product to services. The Mass vs Connectors in Professional Design Space concept  can be used for anyone in the Design Industry


  • How expert marketer Seth Godin has come up with a completely new way of viewing and thinking , covering  generations of experiences.
  • Why large corporations do not like the connectors because it completely disrupts everything.
  • Why these connectors do not need to be at the call of large corporations anymore.
  • How the ‘Mass’ operate on scarcity , non-transparency & un-authentic behavior
  • The evolution of the 21st century due to technology and the Internet that allows people to connect like never before using sites like Facebook and Youtube
  • Why the Mass vs Connectors in Professional Design Space concept is easily applicable to you and your situation now


Big Takeaway :

Seth Godin said “It’s not a change or a transformation. It’s actually two camps.” So in our earlier conversations we talked about transformation and I believe in transformation not change because you have to let go of the past in order to completely transform.

Change is just modifying the past. And Seth says there’s two camps. There’s the mass camp which is really what we most of us know. It’s very generational. And the mass really see things completely different.


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