Podcast #4 Online vs Offline for Design Professionals

Online vs Offline for Design Professionals…

In this fourth episode of the Home Design Professionals and Cabinet Specialists Podcast, we talk about how you must embrace the online component of your business. At least 90% of the customers will check you out online before they engage any interaction with you.

People will be able to immediately connect with you online before they meet you face to face. This is an offline business and it will never change, but you must know how to utilize the online part of your business.



  • How important the design process is when looking at Online vs Offline for Design Professionals
  • How you can deal with prospective clients who take your ideas to a large manufacturer for less money
  • How to avoid people stealing your time and your intellectual property.
  • Why the shift to consumer education of service is so much more important than the education of product itself.
  • How to capitalise on the opportunities that now present themselves to the design professional

Big Takeaway :

I’m becoming more excited about the opportunities for professional designers because that is a skill that takes years and years to develop. It also is skill that has not been focused on so we don’t have a lot of new people coming into the business and what that means is opportunity for the ones that are.  It’s also the design and engineering of these items that can be very complicated .


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