Podcast #8 The Fundamentals of Business

The Fundamentals of Business…

In this eighth episode of the Home Design Professionals and Cabinet Specialists Podcast, we discuss the fundamentals of business and especially the Know, Like and Trust factor. All good businesses know the value of these principles and why you should embrace them wholeheartedly.

You will learn why the old fishing mentality is disappearing and why we are entering the farmer mentality in terms of business and what yo can do to become a ‘farmer’


  • How important your past customer list is extremely valuable to you and your business
  • Where to get your best referrals and how to get them
  • Why the The Fundamentals of Business have not changed even though the internet is ever present and business methods have
  • The secrets to communicating with your customers and how to lower their guard
  • Why other Vendors can be your best source of continuing work

Big Takeaway :

We focus so much on the product or the finished result that we forget that the real driving force, the reason that people decide to do a home improvement project that requires planning and design is because it brings a tremendous amount of meaning into their life. Really what we found when we developed this method is that those meanings are based on events, a graduation, retirement or an anniversary ;they’re all event based actions that we can use to appeal to in our industry.


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