Podcast #1 The Home Design Professionals and Cabinet Specialists overview

What we Talk About…

In this first episode of the Home Design Professionals and Cabinet Specialists Podcast, we discuss how the design and cabinet specialist needs a change in their thinking if they are going to expand their businesses.

You will learn why there is a great opportunity to change your thinking and why its important that you understand the connection between psychology & technology unique to designing home living spaces.



  • The importance of building relationships with customers online.
  • Why old methods are not going to work.
  • Why taking marketing advice from large corporations is not a great idea.
  • How the power shift is happening from large corporates to individual designers.
  • Why its imperative to understand the concept of Mass vs Connectors

Big Takeaway :

We are somewhat blessed over the last decade with the super high demand and a low supply of product which has really changed since 2008 where there’s an abundance of product and there’s a limited amount of supply in terms of customers that have a desire to invest in their home and honestly go through a large project that involves cabinetry and the design process. So I think  what helps is we just get clear that traditional advertising does not work in our industry.


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