Podcast #10 The Six Senses Method Blueprint

The Six Senses Method Blueprint…

In this tenth episode of the Home Design Professionals and Cabinet Specialists Podcast, The Six Senses Method Blueprint is revealed and how you need to start to use it n your design profession.

You will learn why The Six Senses Method Blueprint has been working for hundreds and thousand of Design Professionals like you all over the world, to really change the way business is done.



  • Why the shift in consumer behaviour is moving from products to services and how this opportunity is ready for you
  • How The Six Senses Method Blueprint can change how an individual designer offers their services
  • How right brain thinkers can use techniques to rule the future
  • How a greedy agent can be a massive benefit to a design Professionals and grow their business rapidly

Big Takeaway :

The Six Senses Method Blueprint is a magical shift in todays thinking for any person involved in the design profession and cabinet industry. It really is a shake up of the industry in terms of  how designers should think and what steps they need to take to adapt to this change. The concepts that Jim identifies are easily consumed and even easier to implement.


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